The whole crew of FOUS DE DANSE is looking forward to seeing you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FESTIV'ALAN SWING!!!   20 years of lindy-hop in the countryside near Toulouse in France.

Again "Fous de Danse" Swing spirit in the country, again third week of August and of course again the amazing dance floor of Notre Dame de Lorette, historic monument of the 18th century...

As in previous years, we hope to meet lots of you to satisfy your passion for swing dances and particularly for Lindy-Hop, the "Queen of the swing dance family !"


This year, our teachers are a return to the basics!

Twenty years ago, we were learning lindy-hop in a small village named Herräng in Sweden: the style was very Savoy, and the people were full of energy and enthusiasm, happy to share their historical knowledge about lindy-hop.

Today, we're very happy to welcome the heirs of the swing dancers we met 20 years ago: they're all members of the Harlem Hot Shots troupe, and they perpetuate the Savoy Lindy-Hop we love so much and we've always taught.

Festiv'Alan Swing will be your unique opportunity to spend a whole week practicing lindy-hop with Jenny Deurell & Rikard Ekstrand, Lizette Rönnqvist & Patrik Pettersson: their style is so typical of the Swedish school, and so close to the original Savoy style.

And for us, it's kind of like Herräng was moving to Alan this year!

Coming up next, lindy-hop classes, swing workshops, evening parties to practice everything you have learned during the day, a show, the "aperitifs" (snacks) and a top-notch organization… that's what YOU say ! So Thank You and welcome to Alan!

Like the previous editions, we care about keeping  "Fous de Danse" atmosphere
with a human scale camp: 100 to 120 attendees,
so don't wait before registering!

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