Swing workshop

5 hours to enrich your couple dance skills by using solo swing tricks:

  • 3 hours with Lizette and  Patrik who will teach you how to incorporate solo steps in your social dance, give more freedom to your partner while still dancing with her/him, and finally get back to couple dance...
  • 1 hour with Christelle and Thierry for couple charleston
  • New this year: 1 hour to answer some of the questions which you will have submitted earlier at the beginning of the camp

Lindy: how to choose the right level ?

Intermediate level (Level 2)

You are not a beginner in dance.
You can also have discovered the lindy-hop since shorthy but you have already a real passion for this dance and your motivation will be your best asset to have a progression.
You know the moves Charleston, Swing out, circles & other.
You know lead and follow a change of structure (6-8 counts) without problem.
Your programme : learn new moves and work your connection.

Advanced level (Level 4)

You’ve been dancing at least for 4-5 years and you are very regularly on the dancefloor.
Swing out front exit and back exit, does it mean anything to you ?
You are able to play with the basic structure (6-8 counts) mixing the steps and rythms (step, triple step, kick step, syncopated step,…).

You understand the importance of “frame” and “connection” to both your partner and the music.
Your programme : improve your connection and be ready to come back to your fundamentals to make progress.

Advanced++ level (Level 5)

You have been dancing lindy-hop for quite a few years now : you attend several international workshops every year where your face is somehow familiar. You are part of a dance company, maybe, you teach so this level is for you !
Be prepared to be challenged with the class “Choreography” directed by Jenny & Michael.
Be sure to be on the right level !!!

It's not easy to estimate your own level, and the number of years is not always a valuable criteria. A dancer who started classes 2 years ago but who doesn't spend time in social parties will be more quickly in trouble than a one with same experience but who dances regularly in evenings!!!

Please try to estimate your level based on your previous experiences: years of practice, diversity of camps attended, teachers met, evenings practice with different partners, capability to learn and to challenge yourself, stage experience, et cetera.

If you're still in doubt, please contact us we will be pleased to help you make the good choice. If, once in Alan, your estimation is obviously incorrect, there might possibilities to switch level if there is space, and if you have received a teachers approval, or an insistent recommendation!